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Canadian French for Flight Attendants
The French course designed for current and aspiring Flight Attendants
Our audio course is divided into the 6 modules below. Start from Lesson 1 in Module 1. Simply listen and repeat out loud. You're ready to move onto the next lesson when you can say most of the French phrases when prompted, before the native French speaker says them. Repeat lessons, or parts of lessons as needed. Sample lessons here.
  • Each module has 20 audio lessons. (Module 6 has 4 extra bonus lessons with mock airline French tests.)
  • Each lesson runs about 35-45 minutes each.
  • Each lesson and module builds on what you learn in previous ones.
  • For best results, do lessons and modules sequentially and on a daily basis.
  • For your reference, each module download comes with a PDF document of the major expressions taught in the lessons. No other reading, writing, or visual materials. Our audio course is fully portable!
  • Each module download is contained in a zip folder. Please unzip/extract the folder to access audio files and PDF.
Course outline subject to change.
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