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100 most common surnames in Québec (and how to pronounce them)

Learn how to correctly pronounce the most common French last names you'll encounter working as a flight attendant. Addressing passengers by name shows respect and personalizes service, and it helps when we don't mess up the pronunciations.


Module 5 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants is now available! Save big! Learn the French for:

-Announcements for de-icing delays

-Announcements for lightning alerts, security breaches

-Delays caused by crew rest and emergency equipment

-Dealing with weight and balance issues

-Dealing with uncooperative passengers

-Announcements for missed approaches/rejected take offs

-Wifi/entertainment system issues

-More delay situations and customer service issues

-Full briefing of a generic emergency exit

-Full briefing for a passenger with a lap-held infant

-Familiarize yourself with Acadian and European French accents

-And much, much more!

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