English: Bassinet

French: Berceau

Here is another baby-related term that flight attendants need when helping out passengers travelling with young fliers. On smaller planes and shorter flights, babies that are young enough will often just sit in the passenger’s lap for the flight. On larger planes, and longer flights, having a baby on your lap for that long can get quite tiring. These planes are often equipped with bassinets, which are cradles for babies and passengers can reserve them. Usually, the passenger is seated in front of a bulkhead wall and after take off, the bassinet is attached to bulkhead and the baby is placed inside so the guardian doesn’t have to hold the baby for eight, ten, twelve plus hours.

The word for bassinet in French is “berceau” (m).

You might tell a francophone passenger with a baby:

Je vais chercher le berceau après le décollage. I’m going to retrieve the bassinet after take off.

Je vais=I’m going

Chercher=To retrieve, to search for

Le berceau=The bassinet


Le décollage=The take off

Notice we literally say in French "after [the] take off", "après [le] décollage".


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