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Do you have some snacks?

English: Do you have some snacks?

French: Avez-vous des collations?

During service, you'll have passengers asking if you have snacks to offer or for purchase.

"Collation" (f) is the formal word for "snack".

You can use "collation". "Nous avons des collations" "we have (some) snacks." But in our experience, francophone passengers rarely use "collation." Don't be surprised to hear the anglicism "snack" (m). You may also hear “grignotine” (f) used by French Canadians to mean “snack”, a word that comes from the verb “grignoter” meaning “to snack/to nibble.”

Avez-vous des grignotines? Avez-vous quelque chose à grignoter?

Quelque chose=Something

À grignoter=To munch on

You may be asked for something specific like cookies or pretzels.

Cookie/biscuit=biscuit (m)

Pretzel=bretzel (m)

Instead of "biscuit", also don't be surprised to hear passengers use the anglicism "cookie" "avez-vous des cookies?"


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