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Happy New Year/Bonne Année

From the Canadian French for Flight Attendants team, we wish everyone kindness, compassion, joy, and health in the new year.

We remain optimistic that 2021 will bring recovery to the world and to the airline industry. Vaccination. Rapid testing. Lifting travel restrictions. Restoring the public's confidence in the safety of air travel.


We'd like to let you know that we're working hard on Module 6 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants. This module is for those already working as flight attendants but wishing to pass a French test to be French-qualified in order to hold much better routes and schedules. We'll teach you common questions you may be asked in French and how to answer them. We'll also go over more inflight situations that you will come across. Here's a preview of the French you'll learn:

-Being asked how long you've been working as a flight attendant and what you did before.

-Being asked where you're based and if you commute.

-Being asked what your likes and dislikes about your job are.

-Being asked about your past and future trips you've made on your flight passes.

-Being asked to describe how you would handle potential inflight issues.

-Being asked to talk about your past inflight situations.

-Being asked to give mock briefings.

-Being asked to talk about your work experiences during the pandemic.

-And much, much more!


In the meantime, our special offer for Modules 1 through 5 is still on.

Use promo code 5Modules to save 45% when you purchase 5 Modules together.

Use promo code 3Modules to save 35% when you purchase 3 Modules together.


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