English: Medicine

French: Médicaments

In Module 5 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants, we’ll also touch on situations where passengers are not feeling well and ask you for medication in French. Some passengers get air sick easily. Others will get headaches. Planes will generally carry basic medication for nausea and painkillers that you can offer to the passenger.

In fact, since we fly so much and often for prolonged periods, we flight attendants are prone to ailments as well. Many of us carry our own little portable pharmacy with us on top of what’s available on the plane.

Médicament (m)=Medicine, medication


Now available! Module 4 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants. Learn the French for:

-Less common food/drinks/special meals.

-Bag issues (bag won't fit/no more space).

-Announcements for mechanical problems, cancellations, airplane changes, diverting, etc.

-Delays because of fuel, catering, connection passengers, weather, etc.

-Tight/missed connections.

-And much, much more!

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