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Under the seat in front of you.

English: Under the seat in front of you.

French: Sous le siège devant vous.

Even if the bag doesn’t fit in the overhead bin, or there’s no more space in the overhead bin for a passenger’s bag, the passenger may still be reluctant to check the bag into the cargo. They may have important or fragile items in their bag. When possible, you can suggest that the passenger simply stow the bag under their seat.


Le siège (m)=The seat

Devant=In front of


The word “sous” means “under”. As a side note, it is also the plural of the French word “sou” (m), which is a word meaning “cent” or “penny”. The word “sou” is used by French Canadians but not so much nowadays by European francophones. As a flight attendant, you’ll need to process payments for food, drinks, and duty-free purchases and thus you’ll need to be able to express prices in French. Our Canadian French for Flight Attendants audio course covers this in Module 3.


Module 3 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants is available. Learn the French that flight attendants commonly use on the job: greet passengers, stow bags, drink and meal orders, duty-free service, seat changes, wheelchair requests, weather announcements and much more!

Modules 1 and 2: French basics and pass your flight attendant French test.


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