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"Applicants who speak French go to the top of the list."

— Alex C. (Flight attendant recruiter and trainer for a major airline in Canada)

Real flight attendant situations.
Real flight attendant French.
Don't waste time! Learn to speak the exact French you need as a flight attendant. Pass a flight attendant French test to be hired. Learn the French we use in real inflight situations to communicate with passengers, and to make on board announcements and translations.
Made by flight attendants, for flight attendants, no one else understands better what kind of French flight attendants need.
Easy to use.
Fully audio. Fully portable.
Our course is fully audio and incredibly easy to use. Just listen and repeat out loud. Learn the natural way, the way native speakers learned to speak French.
Take our portable audio lessons wherever you go. Learn on your own schedule. Lessons generally run 35-45 minutes each.
Flight attendants mostly communicate orally with passengers. Focus on listening comprehension and speaking French with confidence!
Get hired by an airline.
Hold better routes
All airlines in Canada greatly favour flight attendant candidates who speak both of Canada's official languages, French and English.
French-speaking candidates are also highly sought-after by airlines outside of Canada.
Learn French to stand out from the competition. Give yourself the best chances to be hired and travel the world!
Become French-qualified and hold much better routes and schedules.
Try our lessons
Listen and repeat out loud
Full Lesson 1. (From Module 1: Introductory French) Start from the basics. Say hello. Introduce yourself. Say that you speak a bit of French.
Sample Lesson 10. (From Module 1: Introductory French) Talk about your studies, work and family.
Full Lesson 41. (From Module 3: French for Flight Attendants on the job-Basics) Greet passengers. Direct them to their seats. Start drink service.
Sample Lesson 44. (From Module 3: French for Flight Attendants on the job-Basics) Hot drink service. Soft drinks. How passengers would order drinks.
Sample Lesson 62. (From Module 4: French for Flight Attendants on the job-Extended) Unstowed bag at the emergency exit. Tagging and checking bags to the baggage hall.
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  • Full Lesson 61 (From Module 4: French for Flight Attendants on the job-Extended) Dealing with bags that don't fit in the bins. Running out of overhead bin space. Less common drink requests. Improperly stowed bags.
  • Full Lesson 81 (From Module 5: French for Flight Attendants on the job-Advanced) Seat changes. Mass and balance problems. Special meals. Dealing with catering errors. Finding passengers' lost belongings.

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Why choose our course?

Canadian French for Flight Attendants

Specifically targeted to flight attendants

Get right to the point. Based on real flight attendant experience, learn the exact French you need to pass a flight attendant French test, and to work in all flight attendant situations.

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