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English: Fog

French: Brouillard

As a flight attendant, you’ll come across foggy conditions once in a while. Fog can be disruptive to flights and cause delays or cancellations.

Even with modern technology that guides airplanes electronically to the runway, it is still necessary for your pilots to physically see the runway for take-off and landing. The severity of the impact of fog on flights will depend on a few factors. How advanced are the instruments on the airplane when it comes to flying in low visibility? How advanced are the instruments at the airport that guide airplanes in low visibility? (More advanced instruments naturally cost much more.) How thick is the fog and how far is the visibility? The minimum visibility required for take-off can also differ from the minimum visibility for landing.

Fog can also slow down the rate at which an airport can process arrivals and departures. For example, on a clear day, one runway may be able to process one landing per minute. If it’s foggy though, they may need to keep more space between each airplane for safety and only allow one landing every 90 seconds, or every two minutes, etc. This greatly reduces the airport’s capacity to handle its traffic at its normal frequency, causing delays or cancellations.

Brouillard (m)=Fog

Our Canadian French for Flight Attendants audio course uses a different word for “fog”, as “brouillard” can be hard to pronounce for learners.


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Flight Attendant Souvenirs. Souvenirs d’un agent de bord. New Orleans 2015. La Nouvelle Orléans 2015. This is a trip I took to New Orleans a few years ago. As mentioned in a previous post, "New Orleans" is the English translation of the city's original French name "La Nouvelle Orléans", named after the city of Orléans in France. Pictured are the French quarter of New Orleans and the parks nearby. I was doing a step challenge and remember walking everywhere to get my steps in.


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