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A smooth flight

English: A smooth flight

French: Un vol en douceur

Your pilots may announce to your passengers that they're expecting “a smooth flight” meaning a flight with little to no turbulence. They may also say things along the lines of "we expect good flying conditions." You’ll hear your francophone colleagues translate this as “un vol calme”, literally “a calm flight”. You can also use this expression: un vol en douceur.

Vol (m)=Flight


En douceur=Smooth (literally, in gentleness)

Un vol en douceur=A smooth flight

Nous prévoyons un vol en douceur.


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Flight attendant souvenirs. Souvenirs d'un agent de bord. I thought I would share some photo souvenirs of my past travels as well. This was from a trip I took to Taipei (Taiwan) in 2014. A Taiwanese friend was visiting his folks there. At the same time, a friend from France was also living in Taipei, teaching French. Another flight attendant work friend also stopped in Taipei on her way home from a wedding. These two pictures were taken in Taipei's Liberty Square.


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