Air sickness bag

English: Air sickness bag

French: Sac malaise

In the theme of passengers not feeling well on board, we can also talk about air sickness bags, or colloquially known as barf bags or vomit bags. Some passengers get air sick easily, especially during turbulence, or they may be feeling nauseous because of other reasons. Things might get messy, and it's an incident that all flight attendants come across once in a while. Besides the flight attendant stock of air sickness bags, usually air sickness bags have already been placed in each passenger’s seat pocket, but if there isn’t one there, a passenger may ask you for one.

Sac (m)=Bag, sack

Malaise (m)=Malaise, dizzy spell, feeling of faintness

Sac malaise=Air sickness bag

You’ll see that in English, we’ve also borrowed the word “malaise” from French, though it’s a bit of a dated word in English nowadays.


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