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Can I go to the washroom?

English: Can I go to the washroom?

French: J’peux-tu aller aux toilettes?

Here’s another usage of ‘’-tu’’ that you’ll likely encounter. Young children will ask this, but airplane passengers may also ask you if they can go to the washroom. Some may ask during boarding, as they didn’t get a chance to use the washroom in the terminal before boarding. Some may ask during descent, if they have time to go before landing. Some may ask when the seat belt sign is on when the plane is going through turbulence.

Je peux=I can

J’peux=I can (colloquial pronunciation)

Aller=To go

Aux toilettes=To the washroom, to the toilets

Je peux aller aux toilettes.=I can go to the washroom.

J’peux-tu aller aux toilettes?=Can I go to the washroom?

"Est-ce que je peux aller aux toilettes?" is still correct and valid.

This question can be asked in different ways. Regardless of how it’s asked, it usually not too hard to understand the question if you can at least pick out the word “toilettes” and also remember to use context clues. (The passenger is trying to get past you to where the lavatory is. The passenger points to the lavatory. Etc.)


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