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Can I stow your crutches?

English: Can I stow your crutches?

French: Est-ce que je peux ranger vos béquilles?

You’ve helped someone with crutches onto the airplane, into their seat. Now you need to stow the crutches. Depending on the plane, you can probably stow them in the overhead compartments or in your closet, if you have one. We should always ask permission first before handling passengers’ belongings.

Je peux=I can


Vos béquilles (f)=Your crutches

Dans le compartiment (m)=In the compartment

Dans le vestiaire (m)=In the closet

Je peux ranger vos béquilles dans le compartiment=I can stow your crutches in the compartment

Adding ‘’Est-ce que’’ in front of any statement in French turns the statement into a yes-no question.

Je peux ranger=I can stow

Est-ce que je peux ranger?=Can I stow?

Est-ce que je peux ranger vos béquilles dans le vestiaire?


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