English: Cancellation

French: Annulation

Weather, mechanical issues, and crew issues may cause delays and they may even cause cancellations. Cancellations usually happen before passengers board the airplane, so for a flight attendant, this word isn’t nearly as common as the word for “delay”.

Occasionally though, your flight may have boarded, you may have taxied out to the runway, and you’re pretty much ready to take off, when your plane experiences a more serious mechanical issue or the weather worsens considerably, prompting the flight to return to the gate and possibly the cancellation of your flight. This is likely the kind of situation where you’d need to inform your passengers that the flight is cancelled.

Cancellation (noun)=Annulation (f)

To cancel (verb)=Annuler

Cancelled (adjective, past participle)=Annulé

The flight is cancelled.=Le vol est annulé.


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