Car seat

English: Car seat

French: Siège d’auto

Also covered in Module 5 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants are French expressions used with our extra young passengers. Many passengers travel with infants and young children and they sometimes need special attention. Some passengers bring their child’s car seat to use on the plane as the child might still be a bit too small for a regular passenger seat. You might have noticed that car seats often have stickers on them showing that they’re approved for use in motor vehicles. If they want to use them on your flight, it needs to be approved to be used on your aircraft as well. Your airline will teach you during flight attendant training how to identify if a car seat is approved for your plane or not and every time a passenger brings on a car seat, you’ll need to double check that it’s approved.

Siège (m)=Seat

Auto (f)=Car, Automobile

Siège d’auto=Car seat

As you can see, ‘’siège d’auto” is literally “seat of automobile”.


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