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English: Closet

French: Vestiaire

Some airplanes may have closets to hang passenger jackets and stow passenger bags. Often, closet space is quite limited on an airplane and it may just be reserved for business class passengers’ belongings. As they board, passengers sometimes ask you if you have closet space for their belongings. Besides luggage, some may bring on garment bags, wedding dresses, or musical instruments. If you can accommodate (provided your plane has a closet), you can stow these items in your closet. One word for “closet” in French is “vestiaire”.

Vestiaire (m)=Closet

Dans le vestiaire=In the closet

Avez-vous de la place?=Do you have some space?

Incidentally, a change room in a gym or pool is also called a “vestiaire”.


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Flight Attendant Souvenirs. Souvenirs d’un agent de bord. Morocco, December 2019. Maroc, décembre 2019. Arriving in Fes, this was the Riad (guest house) where I stayed, right in the old city of Fes. I had the rooftop room, with a panoramic view of the city, including the Marinid Tombs on top of the hill north of the old city.


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