Connecting passengers

English: Connecting passengers

French: Passagers en correspondance

Sometimes, you’ve boarded most of your passengers but you’re still waiting for delayed connecting passengers. Procedures vary of course, but generally, operation managers (and not the pilots, nor the agents inside the airport) will make the decision to hold the flight for connecting passengers or not. If your flight is holding for connecting passengers, you may need to make an announcement advising your passengers and translating that announcement into French.

Passagers en correspondance=Connecting passengers

Passager=Passenger (m)

Passagère=Passenger (f)


Correspondance (f)=Correspondence, connection (transport)

In Canada, you’ll often hear your passengers use the word “connexion (f)” to mean “connection” (transport). Nevertheless, the formal word for “connection” in French, in the context of train or flight connections, is ‘’correspondance’’.


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