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Cream, milk, sugar, sweetener, black

English: Cream, milk, sugar, sweetener, black

French: Crème(f), lait(m), sucre(m), édulcorant(m)/sucrette(f), noir

Some take their coffee or tea black and say to you "café noir" or "thé noir" or just "black" "noir".

Others take cream, milk, sugar, and/or sweetener. On a plane, these usually come in little sugar packets and small single containers of cream or milk. Thus, passengers may specify "one cream and two sugars" "une crème et deux sucres."

"Édulcorant" and "sucrette" are the French terms for "artificial sweetener." In our experience, passengers rarely use these terms in French. They usually just ask if you have a certain brand of sweetener. For example: "Do you have Splenda/Sweet'n Low/Equal?" "Avez-vous du Splenda/Sweet'n Low/Equal?"


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