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English: Delay

French: Retard

Flight delays are bound to happen. There are many things that can cause delays. Often, a single delay has multiple causes, each one causing a short delay, and they add up to a longer delay. The causes are often weather. Other times, it may be because of mechanical issues. Other times, it may be because of scheduling issues: it takes many people working in unison to get a single flight to depart. For example, if a pilot or flight attendant calls in sick very last minute, the flight might take a delay as they try to find a replacement. If the original ramp agents are pulled away to work on another flight, you may be delayed as you wait for other ramp agents. If your original aircraft is stuck elsewhere for whatever reason, you may need to wait for another aircraft to come in.

Delays can happen at any time, from the moment passengers get on the plane till they get off. When it does happen, it’s the flight attendants’ responsibility to keep passengers informed of the situation.

Delay (noun)=retard (m)

To delay (verb)=retarder

Delayed (adjective, past participle)=retardé

The flight is delayed.=Le vol est retardé.

Though the origins of the words are similar, we of course do not use “retard” in English in the sense of “(flight) delay”. It is however the correct term in French.


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