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Do you need a bag?

English: Do you need a bag?

French: Avez-vous besoin d’un sac?

You might ask the passenger if they need a bag to put their duty-free purchases in.

In English, we would say “Do you need (something)?” In French, we literally say “Do you have need of (something)?” "Do you need..." is a phrase that you’ll encounter and use often, not only in this context but in other contexts as well.

Vous avez=you have

Avez-vous?=do you have?

Besoin (m)=need (noun)

Avez-vous besoin de…?=Do you need…?

Un sac (m)=a bag

“Avez-vous besoin d’un sac?"

You can also ask "Voulez-vous un sac?" "Do you want a bag?"

Vous voulez=you want

Voulez-vous?=do you want?


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