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Door. Emergency exit.

English: Door. Emergency exit.

French: Porte. Sortie de secours.

Sometimes, mechanical issues can occur with airplane doors or emergency exits. The door through which passengers board and deplane is also an emergency exit in itself. Other doors and exits can be used by catering services to cater the aircraft. The cargo door(s) also needs to be opened and closed to load and unload bags.

A common mechanical issue with these doors is that when they’re closed, they don’t indicate closed in the flight deck. Similar to how a car’s dashboard shows if its doors and trunk are properly closed, indicators in the flight deck will also show if the plane’s various doors are open or closed. If they don’t show closed, then maintenance may need to come to rectify the issue.

“Porte” (f) you’ve already seen as the translation for “gate”, the place where airplanes park at the terminal. “Porte” is also a generic word that means “door” and can refer to almost any kind of door, including airplane doors.

Sortie (f)=Exit


Secours (m)=Help/aid

Sortie de secours=Emergency exit.

Instead of ‘’Sortie de secours’’, you’ll also see ‘’Issue (f) de secours’’. For our purposes, the two expressions are interchangeable.


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Flight Attendant Souvenirs. Souvenirs d’un agent de bord. Nagasaki, Japan. February 2015. Nagasaki, Japon. Février 2015. Since I went to Hiroshima, I also decided to stop in Nagasaki, the other place where an atomic bomb was detonated in WWII. The colourful hanging decorations are paper cranes. Japanese legends say that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. In this context, thousands of paper cranes are left at the memorial site as a wish for peace. In Nagasaki, I also tried some “Donburi” and “Nagasaki Champon”.


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