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During the climb, during the descent

English: During the climb, during the descent

French: Pendant la montée, pendant la descente.

Your pilots might specify that they’re expecting turbulence during the initial climb, right after take off, or perhaps during descent, right before landing. This is typical as it tends to be more turbulent at lower altitudes.


La montée (f)=The climb, the ascent

La descente (f)=The descent

Nous prévoyons des turbulences (légères) pendant la montée/pendant la descente.

“Montée” and “Descente” derive from the verbs “Monter” and “Descendre” meaning “to go up/to climb” and “to go down/to descend” respectively. These are the technical words that your airline will likely want you to use.

You’ll find that our Canadian French for Flight Attendants audio course opts for a different way to translate this, using words that you will already have learned, instead of introducing new ones “montée” “descente”.


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