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Duty-free boutique

English: Duty-free boutique

French: Boutique hors taxes

Your flight may offer a duty-free boutique service, selling passengers products (eg. alcohol, cigarettes, cosmetics, jewellery, etc.) that are exempt from certain taxes or duties. Whereas European francophones are more likely to use the anglicism “duty-free”, Canadians are more inclined to say “hors taxes”. “Boutique hors taxes” would be what you could announce to the passengers as you pass through the cabin with the duty-free boutique cart, showcasing the selection of products for purchase.

Boutique (f)=boutique

Hors=excluding, out of

Taxes (f, pl)=taxes

Here are a few common products you'd sell from a duty-free boutique.

Cigarettes (f, pl)=cigarettes

Alcool (m)=alcohol

Parfum (m)=perfume

Eau (f) de Cologne=cologne

Bijoux (m, pl)=jewellery

Collier (m)=necklace

Bracelet (m)=bracelet

Bague (f)=ring

Boucles (f, pl) d'oreille=earrings

Montre (f)=(wrist)watch


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