Flight documents

English: Flight documents

French: Documents de vol

Your pilots need certain paperwork before you can depart. One important document is the flight plan. The flight plan provides the pilots with many important pieces of information, including but not limited to: the planned flight path, alternate airport information in case of diversions, weather, fuel provided, passenger count, baggage weight, etc.

Another relevant piece of paperwork comes from maintenance personnel. If they were working on a mechanical issue, they need to fill out the appropriate paperwork afterwards and hand it to the pilots before departure so that the airplane has an updated copy of the maintenance record.

If your departure is delayed because you’re still waiting for paperwork, you may need to make an announcement informing the passengers.

“Flight plan” is usually translated as “plan de vol.”

We’ll opt to use “documents de vol” to refer to all kinds of paperwork, beyond just flight plans and maintenance paperwork.

Plan (m)=Plan

Vol (m)=Flight

Document (m)=Document


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