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Hot towel.

English: Hot towel.

French: Serviette chaude.

“Serviette” in French means “napkin” but it can also mean “towel” depending on the context.

For example, you may remember that some passengers may ask you where the “salle de bain” is. “Room of bath” or “bathroom”. This is not quite correct as your average airplane lavatory does not have a bathtub (un bain) in it per se, but passengers will nevertheless say this sometimes, and thus it’s important that you be able to understand it as well.

“Serviette de bain” therefore means “bath towel”, literally “towel of bath”.

Serviette (f)=Towel, Napkin

Chaud(e)=Hot, warm

Serviette chaude=Hot towel

Prior to meal service, you may be offering hot towels to your passengers, especially business class passengers, for example. “Serviette chaude, monsieur/madame?”


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