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I don't have any. I don't have any more.

English: I don’t have any. I don’t have any more.

French: J’en ai pas. J’en ai plus.

These are very common expressions that flight attendants use when a passenger asks for something, be it a drink, some food, a customs card, a pillow, or an item from the duty-free boutique. If you don't have any or any left to offer, you'll have to tell them.

If they ask you for something you don’t normally carry at all, you can say “sorry, I don’t have any” “désolé, j’en ai pas.” If you usually carry it, but you’ve run out, you can say “sorry, I don’t have any more” “désolé, j’en ai plus.”

Notice in French, these two expressions differ by one word:

I don’t have any=J’en ai pas

I don’t have any more=J’en ai plus (“plus” pronounced as “ploo” in this expression, without the final “s” sound)

-Avez-vous du jus de canneberge?

-Un moment SVP. Je vais vérifier...Désolé. J’en ai pas.

-Avez-vous des sandwichs?

-Un moment SVP. Je vais vérifier...Désolé. J’en ai plus.


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