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In the compartment

English : Can I stow your bag in the compartment?

French: Est-ce que je peux ranger votre sac dans le compartiment?

When offering to stow someone’s bag, you may need to specify that you’re putting it in the overhead compartment of the airplane.


Le compartiment (m)=the compartment

Instead of “dans le compartiment”, you will also hear the synonymous expression “dans le coffre (m)”.

You may also hear “dans le compartiment supérieur” or “dans le coffre supérieur.’’

‘’Supérieur’’ means ‘’superior’’, or ‘’upper’’, or in this case, ‘’overhead’’. Overhead compartment, or overhead bin.

For the sake of simplicity, in the context of an airplane, you usually only have to say “compartiment” and not “compartiment supérieur”. It will be understood from the context that you’re referring to the overhead compartment.

You may need to remind the passenger that the bag needs to be stowed just for take off and just for landing. In flight, they’re free to retrieve it again. As we’ve learned, you can add on ‘’just for take off/just for landing’’ ‘’juste pour le décollage/juste pour l’atterrissage.’’

Est-ce que je peux ranger votre sac dans le compartiment, juste pour le décollage/juste pour l’atterrissage?


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