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It’s important to keep the exit clear.

English: It’s important to keep the exit clear.

French: C’est important de garder la sortie dégagée.

Bags that are left on the floor, blocking emergency exits, or protruding out from under the seat, can impede evacuation. That’s why for take off and landing, it’s important to keep each person’s exit path out of their own seat clear, as well as the space in front of the emergency exits clear.

Sometimes, you’ll need to explain this to passengers, especially to those who don't travel often. Why their bag needs to go fully under the seat so it doesn’t protrude. Why they can't keep bags between or behind their legs during take off or landing. Why they can’t have too many bags under their seat, in a way that some bags are protruding. Why they can’t leave bags on the floor blocking the emergency exit during take off and landing. It’s important to keep the exit clear.

C’est important=It’s important

Garder=To keep

La sortie (f)=The exit


Notice that ‘’c’est important’’ is followed by ‘’de’’. C’est important [de] garder la sortie dégagée.


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