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It’s raining lightly.

English: It’s raining lightly.

French: Il pleut légèrement.

Sometimes, your pilots may specify that it’s raining lightly, or that it’s snowing lightly. Whether it’s raining lightly or not so lightly isn’t horribly important to most passengers and we often don’t even translate “lightly”, simply opting instead for just “rain” or “snow”, without specifying how light or heavy it is.

Previously, we saw “turbulences légères” “light turbulence”. (Usually singular in English, plural in French).

If you wish to translate “raining lightly” or “snowing lightly”, you can add on “légèrement” “lightly”.

Léger/Légère=Light (not heavy)


Il pleut légèrement=It’s raining lightly

Il neige légèrement=It’s snowing lightly


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Seoul, May 2019. Séoul, mai 2019. Namzan Park is in the heart of Seoul and situated on a mountain. Though certainly not as high as Bukhansan, I went to Namzan Park the day after I climbed Bukhansan. So...I opted to take the cable car up...and from the top, you get a great view of the city and can go up Seoul Tower if you wish.


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