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Leave your walker in the bridge

English: Leave your walker in the bridge

French: Laisser votre marchette dans la passerelle

Walkers and passengers’ own wheelchairs are larger and probably won’t fit anywhere in the cabin of the airplane. Usually, as the passenger boards the plane down the bridge, as they enter the plane, they leave their wheelchairs and walkers at the door of the airplane, inside the bridge. The walker or wheelchair is then taken down by the ramp agents and put into the cargo for the flight. Upon arrival, the walker or wheelchair is brought up again to the door of the airplane and the passenger can use it as soon as they exit the plane.

Sometimes, passengers are unsure where to leave their mobility device. For wheelchairs and walkers, you can tell them to leave them inside the bridge, beside the plane.

Vous pouvez=You can

Laisser=To leave (to allow something to remain)

La chaise (f) roulante=The wheelchair

La marchette (f)=The walker


La passerelle (f)=The bridge (terminal boarding bridge)

Vous pouvez laisser la chaise roulante dans la passerelle.

You can also point to the place in the bridge where they can leave the walker and say:

Vous pouvez laisser la marchette là-bas.

Là-bas=Over there, there

Note that “to leave” can be translated as “partir” or “laisser”. “Partir” means “to leave” in the sense of “to depart”. “Laisser” means “to leave” in the sense of “allowing something to remain”.

Also note the "bridge" that connects the terminal to the airplane is called "passerelle" in French. A generic bridge, over a river for example, is a "pont" (m).


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