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Local time

English: Local time

French: Heure locale


A few weeks ago in Lourdes. Il y a quelques semaines à Lourdes. Lourdes, France is a pilgrimage city, and many come to the site pictured below: Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes.


On a passenger’s ticket, and on a flight attendant’s schedule, all times are marked in local times. For example, for a flight departing from Montreal and arriving in Vancouver, the departure time is the local time in Montreal and the arrival time the local time in Vancouver. As a side note, in order to coordinate all airplane movements worldwide, pilots and air traffic control towers everywhere use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), otherwise known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), or also called Zulu time. The International Space Station also uses UTC.

Oftentimes, before landing in a different time zone, pilots like to announce the expected arrival time as well as the local time. They often say something along the lines of “if you’d like to adjust your watches, the local time (in Vancouver) right now is ten fifteen. We expect to land in about thirty minutes.” If you’re landing in Vancouver, it’ll be understood that “local time” refers to “local Vancouver time”. Announcing the local time is less common than it was before as most of our cell phones will automatically adjust to the local time when we turn them on upon arrival. Many airplanes also have entertainment screens that play movies and also show real-time maps of the flight as well as local times across the world.

Heure (f)=hour


Here are a couple of ways you can announce the local time in French, if need be.

Il est dix heure quinze, heure locale (à Vancouver)=It is ten fifteen, local time (in Vancouver)

L’heure locale (à Vancouver) :dix heures quinze=The local time (in Vancouver) : ten fifteen

Of course, French also has a way to say “adjust your watches” but this part is rather superfluous and in order to make translation easier for you, we recommend leaving it out. Simply translate what the local time is.


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