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Please keep your seat belt attached.

English: Please keep your seat belt attached.

French: Veuillez garder votre ceinture attachée.

You’ve landed but you’re still waiting for the ramp agents to arrive and guide your plane to the gate. After requesting that passengers remain seated, it’s also common to request that they keep their seat belts attached for the time being, until the plane parks and the captain switches off the seat belt sign.

Garder=To keep

Votre ceinture (f)=Your (seat) belt


(SVP) veuillez garder votre ceinture attachée.


Module 4 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants will be available very soon!

-Less common food/drinks/special meals.

-Bag issues (bag won't fit/no more space).

-Announcements for mechanical problems, cancellations, airplane changes, diverting, etc.

-Delays because of fuel, catering, connection passengers, weather, etc.

-Tight/missed connections.

-And much, much more!


Flight Attendant Souvenirs. Souvenirs d’un agent de bord. Morocco, December 2019. Maroc, décembre 2019. From Fes, I took a day trip up to Chefchaouen, the blue city. It was early in the morning when we left Fes and the shops along the road were just opening up, selling gourds and tagine pots and other trinkets.


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