Please. (SVP, STP)

English: Please.

French. S'il vous plaît (SVP). S'il te plaît (STP).

Adding to our last post, "please" is "s'il vous plaît" or "s'il te plaît". They both literally mean "if it pleases you." In writing, they are usually abbreviated as SVP and STP, respectively.

You may know that French has two ways to say "you". "S'il vous plaît" is generally used when speaking to strangers. In our context, a flight attendant should always use "s'il vous plaît" when speaking to passengers. "S'il te plaît" is used when speaking to family members, friends, and younger people. You should NOT use it when speaking to passengers, but you'll find that passengers may say "s'il te plaît" to you, especially if you're younger. You'll also find that French Canadians use STP more readily than European French speakers.

Learning casual, informal French is as important as learning formal French. Passengers will not always speak to you in textbook French and it's important that you recognize their speech when they use colloquial language.

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