Ramp agents

English: Ramp agents

French: Agents de piste

Ramp agents are the ones who will load and unload bags, strollers, wheelchairs, cargo, etc. into and out of the airplane cargo. This includes any cabin bags that you need to send down because there’s no more space in the cabin or because the bag is too big. They are also the ones who drive the tow truck that pushes planes back from the gate for departure and also the ones who marshal the airplanes to the gate for arrival.

Sometimes, your arrival is delayed because you’re waiting for ramp agents to arrive, or your departure is delayed as you're waiting for them to finish completing these aforementioned tasks. If the wait is long, you may need to make an announcement informing your passengers that you’re still waiting for ramp agents and then translate it into French.

Agent (m)=Agent


Piste (f)=Runway

Agents de piste=Ramp agents

Instead of "agents de piste", you’ll also hear your colleagues say “personnel au sol”.

Personnel (m)=Personnel, staff

Au=On the, to the

Sol (m)=Ground

Our Canadian French for Flight Attendants audio course uses “agents de piste” as both the word “agent” and “piste” are more functional in other contexts that we encounter as flight attendants.