Ramp apron

English: Ramp apron

French: Aire de trafic

During a lightning alert, ramp agents are not allowed to work on the ramp apron as there’s a risk of them getting struck by lightning while working beside large metallic airplanes.

The ramp apron (also just called the “ramp”) refers to the area outside the terminal building, where planes park at their gates and push back. Once a plane leaves the ramp apron, they use the taxiways to taxi to the runway for take off.

Previously, we learned that “ramp agent” in French is “agent de piste” literally “agent of runway”.

To translate “ramp apron”, the technical term is “aire de trafic”.

Aire (f)=Area, Zone


Trafic (m)=Traffic

Informally, you’ll also hear the anglicism “rampe” (f). “Rampe” in French technically means “handrail” or can also mean an “incline ramp” like a wheelchair ramp.

You’ll also hear the word “piste” (f), which usually means “runway”, used to mean “ramp apron”.


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