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Remove something.

English: Remove something.

French: Enlever quelque chose.

If a bag doesn’t fit in the overhead bin, you can suggest the passenger remove something to make the bag smaller. Sometimes, a little bit is all it takes. A book, a laptop, etc.

Enlever=To remove

Chose (f)=Thing

Quelque chose=Something

You can add ‘’pouvez-vous’’ ‘’can you’’ to turn the sentence into a request. Pouvez-vous enlever quelque chose?


Module 3 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants is available. Learn the French that flight attendants commonly use on the job: greet passengers, stow bags, drink and meal orders, duty-free service, seat changes, wheelchair requests, weather announcements and much more!

Modules 1 and 2: French basics and pass your flight attendant French test.


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