Security Breach

English: Security breach

French: Brèche de sécurité

Here's another peek at what you can expect to learn in Module 5 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants. Another occurrence that can cause delays is a security breach at an airport. As you might expect, security at an airport is serious business. If there’s a breach at the airport, airport operations might shut down temporarily so that security personnel can resolve the breach. Boarding or deplaning might be halted, and planes might not be able to park or push back.

Usually, security breaches are minor, such as someone ending up in a part of the terminal that they’re not supposed to be in, but regardless, security personnel will still need to investigate and resolve the issue.

If you’re on the plane with passengers, you’ll need to inform them of the situation.

Brèche (f)=Breach


Sécurité (f)=Security

Brèche de sécurité=Security breach


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