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Stroller, wheelchair (and a word about COVID-19)

English: Stroller, wheelchair

French: Pousette, chaise roulante

Besides baggage, passengers will also bring strollers and perhaps their own wheelchairs. Generally, strollers and wheelchairs are left at the door of the plane then sent into the cargo for the flight, and they’re brought back up beside the plane upon arrival. As a passenger boards, they sometimes will confirm with you where they should leave the stroller or wheelchair. Upon arrival, they sometimes will ask you where they should wait for their stroller or wheelchair.

Pousette (f)=Stroller

Chaise (f)=Chair


Chaise roulante=Wheelchair

“Pousette” derives from the verb “pousser”, meaning “to push”.

Instead of “chaise roulante”, you will also hear “fauteuil roulant”. “Fauteuil” (m), is another word for “chair”. In our Canadian French for Flight Attendants audio course, we opt for “chaise roulante” as it’s an easier word for most learners to pronounce. The word “chaise” is also used in English, borrowed directly from French, often in the expression "chaise longue", literally "long chair" (often deformed in North American English to "chaise lounge").


COVID-19. As many of you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a drastic toll on many industries around the world, especially the travel and airline industries.

Our thoughts are with our flight attendant and airline colleagues during this difficult time. Please take the appropriate measures to protect yourselves and self-isolate as necessary. Let's do our best to help contain this virus so that our communities and the travel industry can recover as soon as possible.

In closing, I leave you with this article about "caremongering"-helping each other during this pandemic.


Module 3 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants is available. Learn the French that flight attendants commonly use on the job: greet passengers, stow bags, drink and meal orders, duty-free service, seat changes, wheelchair requests, weather announcements and much more!

Modules 1 and 2: French basics and pass your flight attendant French test.


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