Thank you for your patience

English: Thank you for your patience

French: Merci pour votre patience

For any kind of delay or any situation where the passengers are made to wait, like waiting for the entertainment system to reboot, it’s always nice to thank them for their patience. This is a phrase you will, and should use very often. It acknowledges that their time is important and it’s useful to add on to the end of any announcement about a delay or inconvenience.

Merci=Thank you



Patience (f)=Patience.

Merci pour votre patience.

You’ll also hear ‘’Merci de votre patience’’. There is a slight difference in usage between “Merci de…” and “Merci pour…” However, the difference is negligible. Our Canadian French for Flight Attendants audio course opts for “Merci pour…” as it’s more analogous to “Thank you for…” in English.


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