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The captain announces that…

English: The captain announces that…

French: Le/La commandant(e) annonce que…

So imagine your flight is about to start its descent towards its destination airport and your captain (or first officer or in-charge) comes on the PA and makes an announcement, informing passengers of how much flight time is remaining, arrival time, time zone changes, destination weather, etc. Now you need to pick up the PA and make an announcement translating what the captain has just said. Before you do that, you should inform the passengers in French that it was the captain who was just speaking and making an announcement.

One way to do that and to start out your translations is “Ladies and gentlemen, the captain announces that…”

“Annonce’’ (f) is the word for “announcement” but in French, it’s also the verb “announces” that we’ll use in “the captain announces…”

Mesdames et messieurs=Ladies and gentlemen

Annoncer=To announce

Il/Elle annonce=He/She announces


Mesdames et messieurs, le commandant annonce que…/Mesdames et messieurs, la commandante annonce que…=Ladies and gentlemen, the captain announces that…

This is one standard way to start off your announcements, using a word we already know: annonce. Other options that airlines may want you to use include “The captain advises you that…” "Le commandant vous avise que..." or “The captain informs us that…” "Le commandant nous informe que..."

You’ll find that in our Canadian French for Flight Attendants audio course, Module 3, we will teach a much simpler way to start off your translations, a way that’s more acceptable in spoken French, and easier to remember and use for learners.


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