The car seat is not approved.

English: The car seat is not approved.

French: Le siège d’auto n’est pas approuvé.

When passengers bring on a car seat, you’ll need to check to see if it’s approved for your plane, and your airline will teach you how. Once in a while, a passenger will bring on a car seat that is not approved for use on your aircraft and you’ll have to tell them. Depending on procedures, the car seat will probably need to be tagged and sent to the cargo for the flight while the passenger holds the baby for take off and landing.

Here’s how we can tell the passenger that the car seat is not approved.

Le siège d’auto=The carseat



Le siège d’auto est apprové.=The car seat is approved.

To negate a sentence in French, we put “ne” and “pas” around the verb, in this case “est” “is”. But because the verb here “est” starts with a vowel, it contracts with the “ne” preceding it and we get:

Le siège d’auto n’est pas apprové.

In casual speech, the “ne” is often dropped in negations, leaving the sentence with the “pas” only.

Le siège d’auto est pas approuvé.


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