The current weather in Vancouver…

English: The current weather in Vancouver…

French: La météo actuelle à Vancouver…

A very common announcement that you need to translate is a weather announcement. What’s the current weather at the destination? Or, what’s the weather going to be like when you arrive at your destination?

Météo (f)=Weather

Instead of “météo”, you’ll also hear “temps” (m) used to mean “weather”. And yes, “temps” is also one of the words in French for “time”, as in “le temps de vol” “the flight time”.

Actuel(le)=Current, present, right now

Notice that even though the French word “actuel” looks like the English word “actual”, their meanings nowadays are not the same.

“Le temps actuel” is the formal way that airlines probably want you to say this, but “actuel” is not a very common word used by our French Canadian colleagues and passengers. It’s also not a word that’s very useful in other flight attendant contexts. In our Canadian French for Flight Attendants audio course, you’ll notice we teach a different way to say “current weather”, using words that are more functional in other flight attendant contexts.


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