The seat belt sign

English: The seat belt sign

French: La consigne des ceintures

You’ve made the announcement requesting that passengers stay seated and keep their seat belts fastened. At this point, it’s also common to remind passengers that the seat belt sign is still illuminated and that they should wait for it to be turned off before getting up to retrieve their bags.

There are a few ways to say “seat belt sign” in French and you’ll also hear your francophone colleagues say a few different things in French. One way is “consigne des ceintures”.

La consigne (f)=The sign

Des ceintures (f, pl)=Of the (seat) belts

The word “consigne” means “sign” in this specific context and in this context, it's okay to just say "consigne" to mean "seat belt sign". European francophones will generally not use "consigne" like this.

In more general contexts, "consigne" can also mean “instruction”. Larger airports also have baggage storage facilities and you may see that these facilities are also called “consignes” in French.


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