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The sky is (partly) cloudy.

English: The sky is (partly) cloudy.

French: Le ciel est (partiellement) nuageux.

This is one way you can translate “it’s cloudy”.

Ciel (m)=Sky, heaven


Nuage (m)=Cloud


Partiellement=Partially, partly

To announce future arrival weather, don’t forget to use “sera” “will be”.

Instead of "nuageux" "cloudy", you may also hear "couvert" "covered" as in "ciel couvert".

Constructing full sentences like this is expected for written language, but when speaking and making announcements, it’s not nearly as important to form full sentences. Our Canadian French for Flight Attendants audio course thus teaches a simpler way to translate weather.


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Seoul, May 2019. Séoul, mai 2019. This is Gangnam subway station in Seoul. I don't think I had any good reasons to go there except to see the Gangnam Style stage that they had built at the corner of the intersection. Samsung's flagship location (Samsung D'light) was also nearby and you can go in and experience their latest products.


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