The weather for arrival will be...

English: The weather for arrival will be...

French: La météo pour l’arrivée sera…

At the time the weather announcement is made, the weather at the destination may be one thing. Depending on the duration of your flight, by the time your flight arrives at the destination much later, the weather may be completely different. Thus, sometimes your pilots or in-charge flight attendant will announce what the current weather is. Sometimes, they’ll announce what they expect the weather for arrival to be.

La météo (f)=The weather


L’arrivée=The arrival

Sera=Will be

Notice in French, we literally say “The weather for *the* arrival”.

Formal French and written French expect you to construct full sentences like this, but flight attendants almost exclusively use spoken French, and oral French often does not need to comply with all these grammar rules. Our Canadian French for Flight Attendants audio course thus offers a simpler way to translate this, which avoids conjugations “sera/will be”.


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