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To arrive early

English: To arrive early

French: Arriver en avance

Drawing more from Module 5 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants, we can learn some very relevant aviation expressions dealing with time. As our world revolves around time, we need to know the vocabulary to tell our passengers the status of our flight. Our pilots will often announce if our flight is early, late, or on time, and as the designated French-speaking flight attendant, we’ll need to translate.

The expression for “early” in French in “en avance”, literally “in advance”.

Arriver en avance=To arrive early

Partir en avance=To depart early


Now available! Module 4 of Canadian French for Flight Attendants. Learn the French for:

-Less common food/drinks/special meals.

-Bag issues (bag won't fit/no more space).

-Announcements for mechanical problems, cancellations, airplane changes, diverting, etc.

-Delays because of fuel, catering, connection passengers, weather, etc.

-Tight/missed connections.

-And much, much more!


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