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To arrive late

English: To arrive late

French: Arriver en retard

The opposite of “to arrive early” “arriver en avance” is “arriver en retard”, literally “to arrive in delay”. Arriving late is probably going to happen to you far more often than arriving early and it's something that affects your passengers more. Often, the length of the delay is announced so that passengers have an idea how late the flight is going to be. This information is important for them as they have scheduled engagements after they arrive, connecting flights to catch, or friends coming to pick them up from the airport. If you’re the one responsible for French translations, you’ll need to translate this.

Retard (m)=Delay

Arriver en retard=To arrive late

Arriver trente minutes (f) en retard=To arrive thirty minutes late

Partir en retard=To depart late


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