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To order. To request.

English: To order. To request.

French: Commander. Demander.

During meal service, a passenger may inform you that they’ve ordered/requested a special meal, such as a vegetarian meal. Or, before the flight, you may have been given a list of special meal requests. You may see on your list that the passenger at seat 25A ordered a vegetarian meal, for example, so you ask them to confirm that they did indeed do so.

Commander=To order

Demander=To request, to ask

Notice in French, “commander” does not mean “to command” in this context, and “demander” does not mean “to demand”, even though the words look similar.

J’ai commandé=I ordered

J’ai demandé=I requested, I asked

Vous avez commandé=You ordered

Vous avez demandé=You requested, you asked

Avez-vous commandé?=Did you order?

Avez-vous demandé?=Did you request? Did you ask?

So a passenger may inform you during meal service that “I ordered a vegan meal” “J’ai commandé un repas végétalien.” “I requested the vegan meal” “J’ai demandé le repas végan.”

Or you could confirm with the passenger “Excuse me, Mister Villeneuve, did you order the gluten-free meal?” “Excusez-moi, Monsieur Villeneuve, avez-vous commandé le repas sans gluten?’’ ‘’Madam Tremblay, did you request the vegetarian meal?” “Madame Tremblay, avez-vous demandé le repas végétarien?’’


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