To stop the service

English: To stop the service

French: Arrêter le service

If you’re doing service and you encounter turbulence, you might need to put a hold on service until the turbulence passes. When turbulence is severe and/or unexpected, it can, and has, cause injuries, especially to flight attendants who happen to be working in the aisle of the aircraft. If your captain or in-charge tells you to stop the inflight service because of turbulence, then you’ll need to put away the service trolleys and strap yourself in your seat.

From a customer-service perspective, it’s also good to announce to passengers that you’re stopping the service for the time being because of the turbulence.

Arrêter=To stop

Le service (m)=The service

If you’ve driven in or around Québec, you might have seen the word “arrêt” on stop signs.


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