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Walker, crutches, cane

English: Walker, crutches, cane

French: Marchette, béquilles, canne

People of all different levels of mobility fly. Often, they’ll have their mobility aids with them. We’ve already talked about wheelchairs (chaise roulante), but people also travel with walkers, crutches, and canes. As helpful flight attendants, we’re always lending a hand to people and we also need to make sure their mobility aids are properly taken care of for the flight. First, we should learn what the French words for each of these mobility aids are.

Walker=Marchette (f)

Crutch=Béquille (f)

Cane=Canne (f)

You may notice that the word for walker “marchette” comes from the French verb “marcher” meaning “to walk” or “to march”. “Marchette” is also the Canadian French word for “walker” and is what your French Canadian passengers will say. In European French, a walker is called a “déambulateur” (m).


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